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ive measures to help people through the difficult period.On Saturday afternoon, after a f▓ive hour flight, Premier Wen Jiabao ar▓rived in northern Xinjiang and visited a ▓Kazak village in the suburbs.The temperature had fallen to 26 degrees below zero and snow was piled up more than a meter high along the village p▓ath.A villager told the Premier that his fodder res

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until May.Wen Jiabao instructed local officials to speed up the transport of fodder from farming regions that are less badly affected.The government will offer subsidies and provide cheap loans for shepherds, and c▓ontinue to provide assistance into the spring.▓Wen Jiabao's next stop was a shepherd settlement in Tach▓eng, another badly hit area.The settlement is home

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Zamfara State, local media reported on Friday. Twenty passengers were killed on the spot in the accident on Wednesday nig▓ht at the Gidan Kano village along the Sokoto Gusau ▓road. Another three died in a hospital. An witnesses said the trailer's driver lost control when he approached a very sharp bend at high speed at Gidan Kano and could not control it. The artic